Throne Nic Salt
E-liquids are Now Available!


JULY, 2018

Try nic salt e-liquids if you’re looking to switch from smoking to vaping. It’ll give you the nicotine hit you’re used to as a smoker, while still providing a smooth inhale.

E-liquids made with nic salt have been around for some time now and it’s helped many smokers quit smoking.

Without going too much into the chemistry, let’s just say that nicotine salt allows for a much higher concentration of nicotine, without the harshness.

Nic salt e-liquids typically have nicotine levels of between 20-50mg, compared to the conventional e-liquid that usually goes up to only 24mg. And at those levels, the throat hit tends to be extremely harsh.

With nic salt e-liquids, even at 50mg, the vaping experience is still smooth and easy on the throat. Many vapers have also started vaping nic salt vape juices to use with the pod devices now available in the market.

If you’re a fan of Throne Liquids (of course you are 😜), we have good news. The entire Throne Liquids range is now available in nic salt variants.


The Smoant S8 is a pod device that’s small and convenient to use. Nic salt e-liquids should only be used on pod devices.

Throne Liquids Nic Salt Collection

All ten flavours – from both the Black and White Series – are now available!

The same amazing flavours but in 30mg. If you’re a heavy smoker, or a vaper who wants a stronger nicotine kick, opt for our nic salt flavours.

Check out Throne Liquids Nic Salt now.

Throne The Mother Nic Salt
Throne The Lady Nic Salt
Throne The Kingslayer Nic Salt
Throne The Witch Nic Salt
Throne The Blacksmith Nic Salt
Throne The Mad Queen Nic Salt
Throne The Mountain Nic Salt
Throne The Bastard Nic Salt
Throne The Imp Nic Salt
Throne The Assassin Nic Salt