The History of Shisha and Its Modern-day Variant


MAY, 2017

It’s been around for centuries but shisha smoking is still extremely popular. It’s not uncommon to see people hanging out in shisha cafes, puffing on flavoured smoke. But for those wanting to enter the modern age, there’s vaping.

Shisha a form of smoking which may also be known as Hubble Bubble smoking, Water Pipe smoking or Narghile. It’s a special way of smoking tobacco via a tube or via a hose and bowl.

The tobacco utilised for shisha smoking is often mixed with molasses sugar or fruit. With shisha smoking, the tube leads to a mouthpiece. The person smoking a shisha will inhale smoke via the mouthpiece.

These days however, some people are making the decision to use vaporizers. They look out for the best shisha vape juices, rather than investing in big hookahs which are not as portable and discreet as vaporizers.

If you want the shisha taste and pleasure, without the hookah downside, then choosing shisha-flavoured vape juices will be the most modern way to enjoy the benefits of shisha smoking, while avoiding its primary pitfalls.

Vaping is a great way to get the same shisha flavours while avoiding its pitfalls.

Photograph by Farrel Nobel via Unsplash

In terms of primary pitfalls, shisha smoking may cause burning sensations in the mouth and airway and stain teeth. It may also increase the risk of infectious diseases (hookah mouthpieces are often shared by a group) and it comes with the same long-term health risks (cancer and emphysema, to name just two) as cigarette smoking.

Certainly, the best e-cigarettes (vaporizers) offer potent throat hit, big clouds of rich water vapour and reliable performance. Plus, they don’t burn tobacco!

Most, but not all, of the pitfalls associated with shisha smoking are related to the tobacco which is used in hookahs!

A vaporizer filled up with delicious shisha vape juice is undoubtedly the most popular modern day variant of the traditional hookah!

To help you learn more about shisha smoking, including its rich and colourful history, as well as more reasons why vaping is the most appealing, modern day variant, we’re going to share plenty of fun and fascinating facts.

“A vaporizer filled up with delicious shisha vape juice is undoubtedly the most popular modern day variant of the traditional hookah!”

Why is shisha smoking so popular?

Shisha smoking is an ancient ritual which continues to captivate and inspire new generations. According to the historian, Cyril Elgood, the inventor of the hookah (which is utilized in order to smoke shisha) was Irfan Shaikh. He was a member of Akbar the Great’s court way back in 1542!

His new invention became quite popular. However, he was a physician at court and later shared concerns about the health risks of his invention with the emperor and others.

Despite his warnings, many men who were part of the Indian nobility became devoted shisha fans.

The sensual pleasure of smoking shisha is the same today as it was back then. It’s about intoxicating puffs of smoke, the scent of burning coal and the “bubbling brook” sound of water within the hookah.

Some people smoke shisha occasionally, as a social activity, while others smoke it regularly, alone or with others.

The Mad Queen is an e-liquid modelled after Al Fakher’s Double Apple shisha flavour.

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What flavours are available?

Since shisha tobacco comes in so many interesting and delectable flavours, including watermelon, strawberry, and double apple, modern-day shisha smokers definitely have choices! The touch of fruity sweetness in shisha tobacco makes it very different than cigarette tobacco.

The best vape juice manufacturers have created amazing e-juice versions of traditional shisha flavours, so it’s now possible to enjoy exceptional taste without needing to buy a hookah!

Shisha smoking is definitely a relaxing hobby, as well as stimulating to the senses. Nicotine is a stimulant and those who smoke shisha may find that they have more energy during and after their hookah sessions.

Naturally, the addictive properties of nicotine surely play a pivotal role in the enduring popularity of Shisha smoking. However, nicotine isn’t the only reason why people use their hookahs over and over again.

It’s also the flavours that count!

Besides being a healthier alternative to shisha, vaping is also a lot more convenient.

Photograph by Dmitry Ermakov via Unsplash

Is vaping a better alternative?

In our view, vaping is a better alternative. Vaporizers are so easy to take anywhere and they may be used in a lot of public places these days. It’s a lot harder to drag a hookah down to the beach or to a rock concert!

With a great electronic cigarette, you’ll be able to enjoy shisha flavours, as well as the ultimate in modern portability and convenience. While some people choose to keep hookahs at home for occasional usage and then vape shisha-flavoured e-juices while they’re on the go, more and more are choosing to use their vaporizers exclusively.

As you can see, there are many practical reasons why people would choose to vape, rather than sticking with hookahs.

Smart and savvy shisha fans know that the most superb e-juices offer the same taste that they get from hookahs, while being cleaner, easier to use and possibly better for their health.