Get the Most Flavour from Fruity Vape Juices


JUNE, 2017

Sick of your favourite fruity vape juices losing their delicious flavours? Luckily, there’s something you can do. Here’s how to get the most flavour from your vape!

Vaping has become one of the hottest trends in recent years. It’s easy to see why. Vapourisers are safer, healthier, and offer a lot of unique flavours for users.

Fruit juice flavours are one of the most popular among users. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get the most out of a fruit flavour. With so many options and settings, it’s understandable.

With a few simple tricks, however, you can enhance your experience for many flavours. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your fruit vape juice.

Using the right settings on your vape tank can improve the flavour of your fruity vape juices.

Photograph by Phong Nguyen via Unsplash

Use the Right Settings

The first thing to do is know how to use your vapouriser. All of the different settings are going to affect the flavour of the juice. Fruity vape juices are especially sensitive to temperature and wattage.

Different juices vapourise at different temperatures. The settings on your vapouriser will determine how hot the coil gets. The coil needs to be the right temperature to vapourise the juice correctly.

You can start with a little trial and error. Begin with a low temperature and increase it until you have found the best taste for the juice.

Each fruit vape juice will be different. Make sure to write down the correct wattage and temperature for each flavour after finding the sweet spot.

Restrict the Airflow

Most people like to have a big puff of smoke coming from the vapouriser. This might be great visually, but it affects the taste of the juice. It’s better to reduce the airflow to get the most out of the flavour.

More air going through the coil means the vapour will become less dense. Since flavour is better in concentration, you should try to keep the air as condensed as possible. You can use an adjustable airflow system to do this.

Try to find the right balance for your airflow. If you restrict it too much, it can affect the vapour production. Try opening your vapouriser up until you have found the right balance.

“Changing your wattage settings will change the flavour of your vape juice.”

Find a Good Wick

The materials you use in your vapouriser will colour the flavour of the juice. The wicking materials, in particular, is important. Certain materials have a more neutral influence than others.

Try to avoid the standard silica wax used in many e-cigarettes. These mute the flavour of the liquid. Instead, try to find an organic alternative.

Cotton is one of the best choices for a natural flavour. Many varieties of cotton, such as Japanese organic cotton, will produce a clean flavour. You can even use organic cotton balls in a pinch.

Ceramic wicking materials also offer a clean flavour. These are a good alternative for people who don’t like cotton wicks.

Try out different organic materials to find what works best for you. Different flavours may also pair well with different wicking materials.

Keep Everything Clean

A fruit vape juice will dirty up the inside of a vaporiser after use. Therefore, it’s important to know how to clean the device. Proper cleaning will help you remove previous flavours from the vapouriser.

You don’t have to clean the vapouriser after every use. In general, a good cleaning every one or two days will be enough.

Start with fresh coils and clean wicks. You should also disassemble the clearomiser and rinse off the inside components. Make sure to give anything you rinse enough time to dry. Usually, this will require at least 24 hours.

Switch Up Flavours

Vapouriser juices are just like any other kind of food or liquid. Too much of one flavour is going to colour your palate. This is known as vapour’s tongue.

While you may have your favourite fruit vape juice, don’t be afraid to switch it up every now and then. Having a wide range of flavours will keep your palette clear. This will help you avoid over saturating your tongue with one flavour.

It’s best to switch between different types of fruits. For example, citrus fruits will complement sweeter fruits. You can also try fruit mixes to get unique fruit flavours.

Try to work your way through different flavours each week. If you begin to notice that the flavour doesn’t taste the same, switch to another one to clean your palate.

Reduce the Nicotine Level

All vapourisers will give you some control over the amount of nicotine you include. While some people enjoy higher levels of nicotine, this can kill the fruity flavour. Nicotine is commonly known to have a unique flavour that overpowers all others.

The amount you should reduce the nicotine will vary depending on your personal preferences. A little trial and error may be required to find the sweet spot.

Start by looking at your typical nicotine level. If you think it is affecting the flavour of the fruit juice, slowly lower the nicotine level. Pay attention to see if you notice any change in the flavour of the fruit.

The fruit vape juice flavour should become more pronounced as you lower the nicotine level. If it doesn’t, this means something else is affecting the flavour of the juice.

Protect the E-Juice

Finally, the way you protect the juice can also influence its overall flavour. Poor storage and upkeep are two common reasons for bad flavour. These flavours can degrade over time unless you take the proper steps.

You should try to keep your juices away from hot and bright things. You should also restrict the amount of exposure they have to open air. Tight containers and cold storage will help.

Learn to steep some juices to improve their flavour. This involves leaving the juice in a warmer area. Occasionally, you can shake the bottle or open the lid to let your juice breathe.

Finding Great Fruity Vape Juices

Getting the most out of your juices is important for a good vaping experience. With a little bit of trial and error, as well as proper upkeep, this is an easy process. Remember to try out different flavours often.

If you would like other tips on enhancing your vaping experience, check out the rest of our blog. We also offer a variety of fruity vape juices for you to begin your journey of flavour enhancement.