Find the Best All Day Vape Juice for Summer


JUNE, 2017

Summer is all about taking it easy. So why worry about changing your vape juice? In this post, we’re showing you how to find the best all day vape juice!

Summer time is here! This means it’s time to take it easy and break out your vape.

When it comes to vape juice, everyone has different preferences. Your ideal vape juice depends upon a lot of things, from flavour to length of time you vape. Finding an all day vape juice, however, can be tough.

We’ve got you covered. Check out these ways that you can find the best all day vape juice for summertime, and soon you’ll be vapin’ away under the sun.

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Summer means it’s time to hit the beach!

1. Decide if you would like unflavoured or flavoured vape juice.

This is a basic decision you are already likely comfortable making if you are a frequent vaper. It’s still important to keep in mind when you are on the hunt for the best all day vape juice.

Some people are more interested in the effects of vaping, rather than the process. If you vape purely for the results, you’ll likely be comfortable with unflavoured vaping.

But why settle for that when you can enjoy the experience as well? To maximise your experience, check out flavoured vape juices. There’s a huge variety of flavours out there, including fruit, dessert, and herbal flavours.

2. Go to the brand rather than the flavour.

It can be tempting to identify a flavour that you like and then just buy that flavour of vape juice at your first opportunity. But when it comes to vaping, it’s important to make sure you are vaping high quality and effective juice.

This is why it’s important to choose your brand first, and then the flavour if you’ve decided you’d like to vape flavoured juice all day long. Additionally, you want to look for a brand that offers products that won’t seem “bland” after a few days.

If you are searching for brands online, look for those that have been established for some time and have high reviews. Read both positive and negative consumer reviews for a particular brand, and contact the company by phone or email to ask specific questions about their product and its promised experience.

Note down a few brands that offer a large line of products with versatility in flavours and style. Research their process of crafting their vape juices. Once you’ve identified a handful of credible brands, it’s time to start selecting flavours.

3. Test out some of your favourite flavours.

It’s time to figure out which juice flavours you like the most. Ask your brand of choice if they offer samples. If they do, great! If not, order one or two flavours to test out.

The key to testing an all day vape juice is to use it all day long, or over an extended period of time. If the flavour lasts throughout the day or an extended period, and if you enjoy the flavour, you’re on the right track to finding your perfect all day vape juice.

Before even testing them out, however, think about the flavours that you’d like given your vaping routine. If you vape at night, think about choosing a dessert or bakery item flavoured juice. If you like herbal concoctions in general, then look out for herbal flavours.

If you enjoy shisha smoking, you may also be able to find shisha-flavoured vape juice. There is no limit to the flavours available.

“Experiment and sample different flavours to find your perfect all day vape.”

Fruit flavours are refreshing and make superb all day vape juices.

4. Talk to your friends and employees at a local vape shop.

There’s nothing more effective than solid research and networking when it comes to discovering the ideal vape juice.

If your friends already vape, talk to them about their preferred brands and flavors. Ask them about their vaping habits, and if they ever vape all day long. These friends can be an excellent research in your search for the best all day vape juice.

Go into your local vape shop and talk to the employees there about their recommendations. Some employees will be more knowledgeable than others, but you’ll be able to discover new brands, flavors, and suggestions simply by going into the shop.

5. Expand your vape community.

Vaping is often a social activity, although having a group of friends around you while you vape is not required.

However, even if you do enjoy vaping privately, try to establish a community of fellow vapers. Most likely many of your friends are familiar with vaping or are frequent vapers themselves. Even so, see if you can expand this community.

A vape community gives you the chance to share experiences with others, discuss certain brands of juices, and exchange ideas. Some individuals find online communities to be helpful in this way.

6. Decide if ADV (All Day Vaping) is right for you.

At the end of the day, some people aren’t comfortable all day vaping or vaping the same juice. Some vapers will prefer to have a variety of the flavors in their vape juices, or don’t vape enough to require something that they can rely on all day long.

Think about your own vaping practice and your typical usage.

If you are out and about during the summertime, all day vape juice may be ideal for you. But if you primarily vape in the evenings with friends or loved ones, you may not require a juice that lasts all day.

Your preferences are the deciding factor when it comes to finding the ideal vape juice. Remember that your vaping experience should be all about what makes you comfortable, and what maximises your enjoyment.

The Best All Day Vape Juice

When looking for an all day vape juice, it’s important to keep in mind whether you like unflavoured or flavoured vape juices. This first step will enable you to choose your preferred vape juice brand, test out some juices, and decide on one that is right for you.

The juice we produce are created for all-day vaping. Check them out now!