Love Cocktails? Try Cocktail Vape Flavours!


JUNE, 2017

If you’re a fan of cocktails, here’s a way to get the amazing flavour of cocktails without the alcohol. Get these cocktail vape flavours for all-day vaping!

There is no better time to enjoy a cocktail than anytime you feel like it!

Cocktails have a long-standing history as one of the universally enjoyed alcoholic drink blends. Anywhere you go around the world, you are sure to find a good cocktail to while away an equally good afternoon or evening.

Cocktails have long been considered an American invention while in reality, they are a quintessentially English drink.

However you like your cocktail, you will be glad to know that there are newer and more enticing ways to enjoy the flavours of cocktails. Perhaps try out a cocktail vape juice flavour to kick things up a notch.

Before we get into that, let’s take a walk down memory lane to re-visit the highly intriguing history of the cocktail.

The cocktail is, traditionally, an alcoholic mixed drink but there are ways to enjoy the flavour of cocktails without the alcohol.

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The History of the Cocktail

Cocktails are a big deal, and there are establishments across the globe, as well as drink mixing events specifically dedicated to cocktails. It’s safe to say that cocktails are amongst the list of socially acceptable alcoholic drinks of choice for just about any occasion. 

Ask any cocktail lover, and they will tell you that the Americans came up with the now highly regarded drink concoction. A closer look at the components of cocktails, apart from the ice, and most seem to have a more British flair.

Going back to London in the pre-17th century, fermented beverages were the drink of choice. However, almost overnight, the fermented drinks seemed to take a back banner from 1688 when King William of Orange took the throne. It happened that that period was plagued with a unique problem.

The nation had a huge surplus of grain owing to years of bountiful harvests. King William reduced distillation taxes culminating in the production of an estimated 500,000 gallons of grain spirit by British distillers.

Back then, alcohol was revered as a drink that promoted the “health of the nation.” It was not unusual to have a breakfast comprising of a small, unfiltered, and porridge-thick beer. 

By the 1720s, spirit production shot up to 20 million gallons following the alcoholic beverage’s penetration into pharmaceuticals back in 1712. Claims have it that at the time, one out of four London households ran a gin mill. 

Needless to say, the British gin features prominently in many cocktail drinks.

The Cocktail’s American Roots

The word cocktail as documented in a New York newspaper back in 1806 referenced a drink. However, 2005 discoveries revealed that it actually appeared in an 1803 Vermont newspaper and in 2010, the word was discovered in an edition of The Morning Post released in 1978.

Accounts have it that as London hosted scores of American tourists back in the late 1800s, “American Bars” cropped up all around the city. The British barkeeps birthed countless new drinks to accommodate their American guests. These drinks soon made their way back to America, and later on to Europe as American exports. 

The first cocktail recipes book published in Britain was released in 1869. 

The Composition of Cocktails

Cocktails, in essence, connotes mixed drinks with two or more alcoholic ingredients. 

Cocktails further fall under different categories based on the specific ingredients they contain.

A highball refers to a cocktail drink containing a mixer eg. fruit juice or soda, mixed with a distilled spirit. A duo refers to a cocktail drink containing a liqueur and distilled spirit. A trio, on the other hand, includes a mixer in the duo cocktail.

Some of the other ingredients commonly included in cocktails include creams, sugar, honey, milk, and herbs.

“For the lover of cocktails, the next best thing is a cocktail inspired vape.”

The Development of Cocktail Vape Flavours

E-cigarettes and vaping, in general, quickly shot up to highly regarded ranks and just like with cocktails, vaping enthusiasts are always looking for the next best vape juice flavour. 

To start off, many people took up and continue to take up vaping because it primarily functions as “the lesser evil”. Smokers trying to quit are the majority of people who take up vaping, but it is not uncommon to find non-smokers and just about any curious person picking up vaping.

The other reason why e-cigs have become popular is that they expose the body to fewer carcinogens and toxins compared to processed tobacco smoking. 

One of the best parts about the vaping process is the e-liquid which delivers the flavour of choice. E-juices come in various blends of flavour options, which vapers can switch up to further enjoy the vaping experience. 

For the lover of cocktails, the next best thing is a cocktail inspired vape. The cocktail vape juices created for e-cigs are inspired by cocktails but the vape juice itself does not have to contain any alcohol. 

For the vaping newbies, e-liquid or e-juice often comes as a blend of flavour concentrates, propylene glycol, liquid nicotine, and vegetable glycerine. The addition of nicotine liquid is often optional for those trying to quit smoking. 

The e-cig liquid flavour concentrate is the actual flavouring used to make homemade candy or even in cakes. The flavour concentrates often come as oil-based or alcohol-based extracts.

Vape juice customisation is achieved by combining different concentrations of the flavour concentrates, propylene glycol, liquid nicotine, and vegetable glycerine. The amount of e-juice options available are virtually limitless. 

The cocktail-inspired vape juices feature the components that you would typically find in regular e-juices but with a twist.

While the typical vape juice flavour may have just one or two base flavours, the cocktail vape flavour is a beautifully balanced blend inspired by some of the best drink concoctions out there. 

The Best Cocktail Vape Juice Flavours

Now, if you thought that cocktails have some pretty crazy names, then you will not be surprised to know that cocktail-inspired vape juices are not any different. 

You have probably heard of the Bloody Mary, Red-headed Slut, and a slew of other interestingly-named cocktails. We’ve given some character to our cocktail-inspired vape flavours as well.

In our current range, we have three cocktail-inspired flavours – The Mountain, The Bastard, and The Mother.

The Mother is a delightful blend of warm cognac with refreshing passionfruit.

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The Bastard

For fans of the Jagerbomb, The Bastard is a must-try! The cocktail-inspired e-liquid features notes of Red Bull mixed with Jagermeister making it in every sense the vape version of a Jagerbomb. 

The Mother

To mimic what you would expect out of a warm and comforting drink, The Mother features rich, warm cognac finished off with refreshingly sweet passionfruit. Those with a discerning tongue will also be able to taste papaya notes. 

The Mountain

Everyone needs a good virgin cocktail in their life, and The Mountain is a beautiful virgin cocktail-inspired vape liquid. The e-juice features an orange vanilla flavour and takes after the highly delicious Vanilla Sunrise smoothie. The rich, fruity vape juice even comes infused with Vitamin C.

Now that you have a better understanding of the history of cocktails and why everyone seems to like them, we would not blame you if you wanted to go out and grab yourself a drink. If it’s too early in the day for alcohol, how about going for another option? Cocktail-inspired vape juices!

Curious to try? Check them out now!