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Carefully concocted with only the best ingredients to make the best Malaysian e-Juice, Throne Liquids is the answer for those who are searching for a novel take on old favourites.


Exquisite Taste Profile

Each has its own distinct character, which reveals itself as you vape.


Opulent flavours

Our secret steeping method increases the robustness of every flavour within each e-liquid.


Crafted in Malaysia

In a land best known for its food, inspiration for flavours is everywhere.



High VG content means epic clouds when you vape our e-liquids.

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One of our bestsellers in our range. Throne’s The Lady variant is a sweet succulent mango designed to fulfil your taste buds’ desires. A blend of philippines mango and other secret exotic fruits.

The Bastard is a delectable Jägerbomb flavour. A fantastic blend of Jägermeister and Red Bull flavour gives this e-liquid a taste like no other.

Throne’s The Mother variant is a delectable passionfruit cognac blend designed to overpower your taste buds. The Mother is a blend of high quality cognac (does not contain alcohol), passionfruits and papaya.

The Mountain is a great orange vanilla flavour modeled after the popular smoothie Vanilla Sunrise that is fruity and rich at the same time. Super yummy. Vape it to believe it!

Throne’s The Mad Queen variant is made with shisha lovers in mind. This flavor encapsulates the refreshing double apple with a hint of aloe vera, designed to simulate the perfect shisha experience.

The Kingslayer is a ripened pineapple flavour designed to flood your taste buds with all its tropical splendour. All in all a rich and ultra tasty pineapple flavoured e-liquid.

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Queen Bundle
– The Mother
– The Lady
– The Mad Queen

King Bundle
– The Kingslayer
– The Bastard
– The Mountain

Royalty Bundle
All of the above.

The Best Malaysian E-Juice

Uncover their secrets.

Immerse yourself in these delicious blends. Come to understand their wonderfully complex natures and accept them as they are. Why settle for second best when you can have the best?




Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients





Delicious! Definitely one of the best juices I’ve tried.. My fav gotta be the mad queen..
Khairuddin J.

United Kingdom

The flavors are amazing. And they were received in a short time.
Khalid O.

Saudi Arabia

For Shisha Lovers. Really this flavor for shisha lovers, tasty and good
Yousef A.


I experienced your company’s liquid the other day very delicious. Thank you for the wonderful vaping experience.
Kohichi I.


Great Juice. Superb ADV and it is true this one does not gunk up coils very quickly.
Syed S.


Holy sh*t, your flavours are the best I’ve tried! Definitely recommending to all of my friends who vape.
Jonathan T.


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